Behind the Camera

Photography has always been an extension of my vision – I know, that seems obvious, but let me explain. When I put a camera up to my face I transform, like a mild-mannered superhero putting on a spandex suit. My power? Invisibility.

In a photograph every frame is deliberate, edited and manipulated to present a specific point of view, no matter how ambiguous, accidental or impartial it may appear. The cloak of invisibility I am referring to is one that allows me to let go of my usually reserved nature and approach my surroundings with an instinctive curiosity. If I had my way, I would approach life with a camera lens attached to my head – a Cyclops, a bearer of the cap of invisibility. You see, it is more convenient that way. With vision in only one eye, I have transformed a two-dimension world using light, shadow and perspective.

My relationship to photography is one of both comfort and anxiety – a conflict that I see in life and my surroundings. It is why most of my stories are subtle, my images suggestive, there is no one truth and I am completely aware of the contradictions in life, the various gradations in between the light and the dark, capturing a series of defining moments for later reflection.

It is with some resolve that I place myself in front of the camera, easing myself out of my comfort zone in order to learn about portraiture, and with that come a whole mess of ideas about perceptions, expectations and context. Who knew I would cause so much distress by not smiling in a photograph? Do I in fact really look like Sarah Connor of Terminator fame? But that’s for another post.

Feeling like an imposter – trying to get comfortable in front of the lens.


  1. A whole lot of psychology going on when looking at self photos. My current thinking is Buddhist with a lack of distinct self. Also vision is an illusionary process filtered by many mental constructs. That and the selective process of only using a limited range of photonic energy.


    • Hi Earl, I agree that vision is a process filtered by mental constructs. I am not familiar with photonic energy, sounds like something Barry might have a better grasp of. Time for some more research!


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