Let’s Get Lost

I’m not kidding. Even with a GPS in my car (which I am convinced is trying to kill me), a map in hand, hours pouring over Google Maps, I rarely arrive at my destination on the planned route. This is a source of great agitation, self-doubt and reflection, and mostly amusement on Barry’s part. With the exception of getting lost for 3 days in the Rocky Mountains (that’s a whole other story), the outcome is rarely life threatening, and mostly rewarding.

The key to successfully getting lost is walking or driving confidently. Somewhere in my ‘youth’ while traveling in India, I got it into my head to ‘never show them you’re lost’. This has apparently been effective in avoiding muggings, but has certainly taken me on some unplanned (side) trips.

While my inner GPS appears to be damaged in the greater context of geographical space, the same confidence of step leads me precisely to discovering new places in both familiar and new settings. I may very well be an interesting subject for a neuroscientist, but navigating in this world, with utmost spite and disregard to the little blue ball on my smart phone, will continue to allow me to see the ordinary, every day sights from an unexpected perspective. And with that, I approach the South confidently, one wayward step at a time.

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